Wednesday, September 12, 2012

 If you are here just to read about Camsafe phone app scroll to the "*****" half way down this blog or else keep reading for improving your computer's performance first.

Hello guys, I have been wanting to make a pc fix page for quite some time now to help out others who have having problems with slow computers, bad registry, and viruses. Before I begin, I would like to mention that I have been researching pc health for over 12 years now. I have seen just about everything from malware to trojans to bios hazards and more. I believe that after everything I have seen that I have enough knowledge to compose a blog that you might find helpful if you found it searching for hope for your computer dilemma. Lets get right into the mix here because when it comes to getting your computer speed up and running faster there is no time to waste but your own and we don't want to do that!

First of all lets talk about computer maintenance. I am not just talking about a daily or weekly virus scan either. You need to keep your computer registry correct and free from errors as well as clear out temp files and your cache. There is a very useful program to do this called CCleaner. The file size is small compared to most other programs and it is offered as freeware. You can get it by doing a Google search of course. You might want to run it every day. If you like keeping your cookies and other browser items for ease of later access, you can check off certain items. The program options are very customizable and it is very easy to use with self explanatory options. This is an awesome and very overlooked program that you will grow on over time. It has a registry fix tool in it and CCleaner is malware/rogueware free.

Another great program to have to run along side of your anti virus program is Malbyte Malware remover. Simply Google Malbyte Malware and download this awesome program being offered as freeware. You can find this great program all over tech forums and This program has saved my butt many times and is being offered as freeware with the option to subscribe as a premium user to get other cool features. The scanner is great and even offers you the option to eradicate files that wont let you delete them. This feature is similar to trojan remover. Have you ever had one of those files that tell you - you do not have permission to delete or modify this file? Malbyte Malware has a file assassin built into it that will let you "assassinate" those impossible to get rid of files. This is a totally cool and unique program that you must keep in your list of pc health items. I believe Malbyte Malware remover can find and get rid of malware better then some other anti virus programs on the market. I mean if one anti virus program did everything and got rid of every piece of badware software out there, there would not be any room to develop programs like this and other malware removing tools. Do yourself a favor and download this computer saving tool.

We all need to run an anti virus program now and then with the ever growing threat of hackers and malicious software on the internet. I would definitely recommend Avira or Avast anti virus programs as they are both freeware and offer great detection and protection. I am very impressed with the deep scanning options of Avira, but I much rather prefer the real time protection of Avast anti virus over Avira. I have seen computers hacked that were running Avira and Avira got disabled on them. i have yet to see Avast be disabled by a hack attempt. I like to use Avira myself to clean my computer. But if you need to run an anti virus program all the time, you will probably want Avast, as I believe it has superior real time scanner protection.

You should also consider running a defrag program. I personally like Auslogics Defrag myself. It will defrag your computer no matter how much disk space you have, where some defrag programs require you to have so much of space before they will defrag. If you need a good defrag program just Google auslogics defrag.

You can greatly speed up Windows by adjusting the visual effects. To do this you will want to
adjust all visual effects for best performance. First, Open Performance Information and Tools by clicking the start button at the bottom left of your screen. Next, click Control Panel. In the search box, you can type Performance Information and Tools, get the results and choose Performance Information and Tools. Next, click adjust visual effects. Click the Visual Effects tab, click Adjust for best performance, and then click OK. You can also let Windows choose what is best for your computer or keep some options like Windows 7 themes if you do not like a "stripped" display of Windows.

Follow these guidelines and you should be running a faster smoother computer in no time. Just to let you know that running anti virus will use up some memory. So if you install one, you may want to consider upgrading your ram if you notice your computer got too much slower after you install one.

Ok while you guys are checking out these cool ways to speed up your computer I want to throw in something else that has been on my mind. I guess this is going to turn into a multi topic blog lol. But I have to let loose a little bit from the serious minded topic above.


I would like to introduce an awesome new software idea. The project is actually a simple concept and relatively easy to do with a small programming team. In the past year we have seen video footage caught on camera phones of police brutality, crimes happening in the street, and other violent actions caught on camera. There is only one problem though. Camera phones can be snatched out of the hands of the owner. Police have made it very clear they do not want you video taping them and they are fighting against your rights in court this very day to do so. Criminals will seize the chance to take the camera phone because its going to help them get away. So the question is, how do we work around this? The answer is very simple and within reach. We would like to introduce our project idea called "camsafe" or "securecam" to cell phone application writers. This new application will install an app on the compatible phone which will stream the camera footage directly to a website that the owner can access with a password. So running the application first will let the software know you want the camera footage you are taking streamed to your web space which you will be able to retrieve later with your own password in case your camera dies or gets damaged etc. This way you are guaranteed to be able to access your video/pictures, and you will have a way to work with them on the internet. This is great for people who want to upload to youtube, facebook, etc. You may be wondering what would happen if the phone is in a low signal spot. How is the video ever going to make it to the internet if it cant get a signal. Well the software app is going to be engineered so that it will upload frames over a matter of time until the entire video is uploaded. The other options are - the phone "zipping" up the video and sending it to the internet, or the phone application automatically adjusting the resolution of the video taken to minimize the file size of the upload. These defaults can be specified in different scenarios your phone will be able to detect. So the phone is always going to be trying to upload the video once you start camsafe even if you go back to your main screen or make a phone call. It will work in the background until it is done. If emergency setting is specified, which has an option for a little/no signal spot, then the phone will first take pictures from the video, lower the resolution of them and upload them to the internet in picture frames since it determined that the video would be too much to get upload in time. This is to make sure you at least get some pictures of the video you took before you get your camera snatched from you. Even if you did get your camera snatched from you, when camsafe is running, you will need to enter the password on the phone to end the application, and you will need to enter the password to turn the phone off as well. So there is a good chance the phone will capture the picture of the person who took your phone and continually upload it over time if they look into the lens when it is running.

Our constitutional rights are being taken away from us everyday with all of this cracking down on people taking video in public places going on. Like Illinois for example where you can be arrested to recording audio on police officers. They supposedly have the law in place to protect narcs, but they stretch it out to please their tempers when they want someone to turn off the camera. Thats why I believe something like Camsafe should be put into play to retain everything to be used in a US Supreme Court. You would think that if a bunch of cases like this piled up in just one state like Illinois that the US Supreme Court would appeal a state law that is being exploited by law enforcement officials. You would think anyhow. But lets not turn this into a program to fight against police taking your right to record away from you. We know its for every violent situation, not just those law enforcement encounters. If you feel like you are putting your life on the line because you are going into a dangerous neighborhood or place, wouldn't you like to know that even if you lost your phone, that it upload the video to a secure website that could be accessed later by you or even by family members? We could even add another cool feature to the phone - alternate passwords for other people to view the content that might be on your friends list. So as soon as Camsafe uploads the footage onto the website, family and friends get notifications via email or text that Camsafe upload video and they can access it. Of course only the owner of the account could delete it or modify it. And you would have the option to choose if and who would be able to see camsafe ahead of time before it gives access. You can set the emergency default options that camsafe will execute even if you are not there to make a decision, in case you drop or lose your phone. To be honest with you, this sounds like an application we have needed years ago. I am not trying to hold back on this idea to make money off of it. I think that we all need this immediately and that every cell phone owner should have the option to use it. When we watch videos on youtube we don't think about how many videos have really been lost because of phone damage and stolen phones and police confiscating video footage. But I can tell you the rate is very high and rarely talked about. If you could see the things you miss, you would be even more amazed than the stuff you do see  on a regular basis. It would be so nice to know the truth about everything we don't get to see. Well I hope that someone will jump on this idea soon. So here are my concluding thoughts:

Ok I needed to get that idea out there!! If anyone decides to start developing this idea, please remember where you heard it from and credit this blog. Ideas are always snatched by others because they have money in their pocket to get started and they can avoid cutting anyone out for the actual idea. Sooner or later it will come back to here and everyone will know where you got it from. So please credit us and if you want to cut a 10% commission out for the idea, please let me know and I will be more then happy to even take part in the development.